Tunnel under sidewalks and driveways fast. The advantages of using the revolutionary Bullet Mole® ground-piercing irrigation pipe or electrical conduit installation system are very significant:

NO Water   •   NO Wrenches   •   NO Extension Cords   •    NO Power Sources
solid rock hole in rock
Penetrates Rocks Breaks straight through rock

One of the most interesting advantages of using the Bullet Mole system is that it does not require the use of any power sources to operate. As a result, outlets, cumbersome generators, compressors and the like don't need to be available or tag along. Furthermore, the use of extension cords can be dangerous in a wet environment. With the Bullet Mole, neither electric nor gas-powered motorized equipment of any kind is required.

old way 0 minutes new way 3 minutes
This photo shows a hole made under a four-foot sidewalk using a pipe and water hose. It took FORTY MINUTES and left a gaping hole and a muddy, watery mess. In contrast, this photo shows the same sidewalk area with a perfectly clean, dry hole, completed in only TWO MINUTES using the Bullet Mole!